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Creature Reacher is a fun, family-friendly game where players traverse several levels set in different environments to save animals from their changing habitats. It's a great way to have fun while spreading  awareness about climate change and other threats animals are facing today!
Behind Creature Reacher
While Creature Reacher is literally all fun and games, the story behind it is all too real.
According to National Geographic, melting sea ice is causing polar bears to slowly starve. They have to exert 60% more energy to hunt now as climate change heats up the Arctic, shrinking the sea ice 14 percent per decade.
In the middle of winter, satellites have shown that there is roughly 770,000 square miles less sea ice than the median from 1981 to 2010. The ice is breaking up sooner and forming later which is forcing bears to walk or swim much longer distances to get to remaining ice or to wait around on land longer and live off their fat from spring seals they caught.
This is a very real issue facing the future of Polar Bears. A 2010 study projected that "continued decline in sea ice would reduce the global population of [polar] bears by two thirds, to less than 10,000 by 2050." The population of Beaufort Sea region Polar Bears, one of the best studied, has already declined 40 percent in the last ten years.
Habitat disturbance and deforestation are incredible threats to panda bears, but so are poachers and fur traders. The Chinese economy has boomed off of the fur trade, which, in 1934, brought in over $US 23 million. Still to this day, adult pandas are killed for their pelts in order to make rugs, vests, and other expensive clothing and decorations. 
The combination of poaching and habitat destruction has brought the total panda population down to fewer than 2,000 pandas in the wild. Giant Pandas today live in an area that is less than 1% of their historical habitat range. While many conservation spaces have been successfully breeding pandas, climate change is making it harder to return pandas into the wild. New research in the journal Biological Conservation predicted that natural panda habitats may be gone by the end of this century, almost half by 2070. 
What are we doing to help?
With every purchase of "Creature Reacher", we will donate 20% to organizations whose mission is to help protect our precious wildlife from ever-changing conditions in their natural habitats.
Click on any of the logos below to learn more about each organization or to donate money and join the fight!
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Goal of the Game:
A team of scientists have set up simulations to train you to save animals from their changing habitats.
Play through the levels and save the animals, all while learning about key issues the animals face today!
How to Play:
Click on the picture below to open the game manual and read up on how to play the game!
Watch our tutorial video to see a walkthrough of the game and how to play it!
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Ready to Play?
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