Erin Hilton, undercoverhero, Mage



Personal Frame and Reflection:

This RAID ended up being a big challenge for me, I started this assignment believing Illustrator to be intuitive to use and ended with a mild disdain for Illustrator. I have been editing pictures since I was young, and I always considered myself to be spatially, graphically, and (at least) digitally artistically talented. However, throughout this assignment, I have discovered that I struggle with spatial arrangement and creating the infographic was very hard for me. My computer crashed when I was about halfway through my RAID and corrupted my illustrator file, making it unable to save. I had a couple-hour-old backup, so I started again from there, losing about 3 hours of progress. Demoralizing as that situation was, it allowed me to refocus my design with a better idea of where I wanted to go. As you may have noticed, I completely changed my design for the assignment over the weekend. I thought the other one was cluttered and, while the concept was funky and unique, and I liked it, it wasn’t translating to the slick layout I associate more with infographics. I wanted to incorporate the layout of Netflix more, which is when I decided to screenshot the main screen and use that to frame 3 of the categories. I used the like and dislike buttons from the site for the advantages and disadvantages sections. I used the icons for the original shows and movies directly from a screenshot. My finished product is not perfect, but I am proud of how it turned out. I worked hard on it and did the best I could have done with the time I had.